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orgnization working against curruption
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crime reporting

Asianleaks’mission is to publish reports of any evil act or omission prohibited and punished by law . a strong and experienced team first verify the report ,crime reports from different countries of Asia are working with us.

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investagtive reporting

Investigative reporting the profession is to discover the truth and to identify lapses from it in whatever media may be available Reporting, through one’s own initiative and work product, matters of importance to readers, viewers, or listeners

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wars and journalisim

Wars and conflicts have occupied asia for very long time .war journalism is very difficult job , warsreceive less substantial coverage because corporate media are often less interested and governments has prohibitions on war coverage.

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Asian leaks discloses and publishes the dishonesty and illegal behavior by people in positions of authority or power. Corruption is the misuse of public power (by elected politician or appointed civil servant) for private gain.

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consortium for journalists
when someone does not perform his duty it is corruption

Asian leaks is non government and non profit organization. it is a platform for in investigative and crime reporters to publish their hard work . asian leaks also work for the welfare of journalists in asia .the main reason of its exsistance is to publish reports against corruption . asian leaks wants to bring journalist to a plateform where they can work journalism with out any hisitation and prohibitions . asian leaks put no restriction on coping its data and publishing its materials .we always appriciate and encourage tips and hintsfrom generals public and reportors. asianleaks runs donations and suport from people .asian leaks encourage voliners to report any corruption report. every news need focus there for we publish every small brgibe and every big blunder. you can send us any hint regarding corruption . we also encourage your views about a corruption case.


Asian leaks has a very experienced team

Muhammad Sajjad

investigative journalist
muhammad sajjad worked as crime reporter for various TV channels and worked as investigative reporter for different papers.

Irshad Jamali

war and investigative journalist.
Irshad Jamali is from Afghanistan. he has served as chief reporter for many papers and is very much experienced person

leaks to us

Asianleaks encourages tips, leaks and story ideas from the public. as well as from outstanding investigative journalists interested in collaborating with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas. contact us with we donot disclose or share identity of people who send us leaks or tips.