August 18, 2018

Asianleaks school of journalism

Asian school of journalism provides education to its members and other students of journalism .
It Regulates and develop standards of journalism education and training including internationally-recognized
curriculum, examination certification system. Upgrade reporting abilities, skills and knowledge of reporting staff.
Upgrade reporting equipments to the required standard.
Now education is no longer a constraint for anyone.
Distance Learning facility has brought education to the doorstep of each and every individual.
As the technology is progressing the different educational modules are being channeled through certain community
access centers like community radio system,
televisions, internet, Multi-media centers etc.


Diploma in Radio News Reporting & Production
Diploma in Marketing
Diploma in Mass communication
Diploma in Mass Media & Public Relation
Diploma in Production/Operations Management
Diploma in Advertising & Promotion
Diploma in Broadcasting
Diploma in Business & Labor Law
(journalism school has not been started yet.)